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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a development process concerning change and transformation, a thought-provoking and creative theme that inspires executives to maximise their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a collaborative conversation, solution-oriented, and results-focused activity that raises awareness and helps executives take responsibility for change and move into action.

Every person, genius or moron, has a right to reproduce himself.”       Lee Kuan Yew

Our Approach

We are a premier Evidence-Based executive coaching organisation. Our practise is firmly grounded in what works, that’s why we call it “Evidence-Based” approach.

We know it works because it is based on proven research drawn from leading behavioural science practice. To that foundation, we add the latest developments in business and management theory, and we make sure that our coaches are up to date with evolving best practice in executive coaching.  These elements are woven together into a powerful, professional and focused framework delivering measurable and meaningful change.

The framework focuses on your needs and on achieving the outcomes we identify together.  It is highly effective for both the individual and their organisation.

Our Expertise

As a firm, we have more than 20 years of coaching practice, we employ only proven research-based assessment tools. Together with our mastery of development, best practices and extensive hands-on experience means that every assignment is grounded in an accurate understanding of the individual, team or organisation.

We recruit highly credible senior executives with significant life experience and business acumen. Our coaches know what it is like to manage markets and perform in turbulent environments. They are professional, results-driven and skilled at nurturing change.

Our coaches enhance their existing life skills and business expertise with in-depth, psychologically-based training, plus ongoing professional supervision. We draw on a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches that form our integrated multi-disciplinary approach. We take ownership of the supervision and ongoing professional development of our coaches, and we stay connected with the current research and development of coaching literature and leadership theory.

The only source of knowledge is experience”       Albert Einstein

We deliver evidence-based executive, team, group and c-suite coaching using frameworks that are powerful, accurate and useful. Our coaches are skilled at establishing healthy relationships, enabling them to supportively challenge the perceptions, assumptions and habits of thought and behaviour that hinder performance and constrain leadership development.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching deepens self-discovery, uncovers potential, and enhances the capability of your people to create responsive and aligned organisations. It delivers significant performance improvements and measurable business outcomes.

Team Coaching

Developing teams of individuals, who share an explicit shared purpose, and goals in a broader organisational context, with communication patterns, a network of relationships, and co, teams processes, functional roles and team dynamics that demonstrate collaboration and cohesion necessary for high-performance teams.



Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a process that builds on the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals, working on universal themes, but having different individual performance goals, within the same orgnisation. The group members develop a partnership and support network that facilitates reflective thinking and narrative analysis to create personalised solutions for each member, addressing the coaching themes.

C- Suite Coaching

Coaching the strategy-level leaders is entirely to support the executive in developing systems thinking and complexity handling to navigate the environment and improve the strategist mindset necessary for deciding course of action, and proactively build and align stakeholders, capabilities and resources for executing complex objectives.



Our Solutions

We provide a complete suite of executive and organisational coaching solutions for individuals, teams and groups. Our solutions cover a full range of coaching services; transition, career, skills, performance, developmental and leadership skills. 

Our solutions are powered by cutting edge assessment tools, and profiling instruments proved to be the most accurate in the industry. We complement it with a robust feedback process which focuses on information gathering, sorting data for relevance and developmental impact and providing effective communication that can lead to optimal results.

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