How we Measure Success

Tangibles and Intangibles

The effective delivery of leadership and executive coaching engagements can be the best

experience leaders and executives have ever had in terms of supporting their own development and growth. 

Measuring the organisational impact can represent a complex task.

At ICG, we believe that every engagement should be measured for success, and that coaching should results in the creation of value, for both the individual and the organisation.

 “If our clients measure their performance, in every business process to assess the results they achieve, we should do the same in measuring the effectiveness of our engagement process“

In partnership, we work closely with our clients to systematically gain insights regarding the capabilities and behaviours we need to focus on in executive leadership coaching and the results that such capabilities will lead to achieving.

The context of assessing coaching:

  • Reaction to coaching
  • Self-directed Learning
  • Behaviour Change
  • Results Achieved
  • Return on expectations
  • Return on investment
Measure Outcomes

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