How We Engage

Highly effective process to match Leader needs with professional expertise

Our engagements are built on a robust foundation of executive experience, recognised credentials and qualifications, mental health and psychology training, evidence-based methods and techniques, and purpose designed solutions aimed at specific outcomes and results.

At ICG, we define coaching as a development process concerning change, growth  and transformation.  It is a thought-provoking and creative process 

that inspires participants to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Our Executive Coaches


Our Executive Coaches market our professional services to clients.

The client request


The client request a detailed proposal to address specific areas of needs.

ICG Executive Coach


ICG Executive Coach conducts an in-depth analysis of the developmental needs, required outcomes, stakeholders and participants inputs, and prepare a formal proposal.

ICG Coach


Based on the developmental needs, a selection process nominates a recommended matching of ICG Coach to a Client. 

Executive Coach


The Client selects an Executive Coach, and formalities completed.

Engagement delivery commences


Engagement delivery commences.

Engagement outcomes


Engagement outcomes fulfilled and results achieved and measured. 

Our coaching methodology is a collaborative solution-oriented, results-focused activity that first raises the awareness of every participant of their strengths, personality and character. We then help them confront and dispute their assumptions, take responsibility for change, set aspiring targets and take appropriate actions.

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