• Corporate Interventions

Corporate Interventions

Corporations strive to create a culture that deals with change, encourage innovation, facilitate employee engagement and drive organisational behaviour. However, organisation culture is an impeded substance, originated by the organisation leaders. We focus our corporate interventions on helping the senior management team to drive the desired culture through purpose-built interventions.

“A learning organisation is an organisation that is continually expanding it capacity to create its future”       Peter Senge

Our Approach

We believe that culture is the most crucial ingredient in any corporation. Peter Drucker argued that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Since the tasks of leadership become more complex, interdependent and highly volatile, we advocate the integration of leadership and culture processes, as part of any organisation desired change. We put the organisation leadership in the centre of any corporate intervention that aims to transform any aspect of the organisation culture.

Our Expertise

As a firm, we have more than 20 years of Organizational Behaviour practice, we employ only proven research-based organisation assessment tools. Together with our mastery of development, best practices and extensive hands-on experience means that every engagement is grounded in an accurate understanding of the organisation development needs.

We recruit highly credible senior leaders with significant life experience and business acumen. Our Organisational coaches know what it is like to drive organisational performance in complex environments. They are professional, results-driven and skilled at nurturing organisational change.

Our Organisational  Coaches enhance their existing life skills and business expertise with in-depth, psychologically-based training, plus ongoing professional development. We draw on a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches that form our integrated multi-disciplinary approach for large group interventions, and we stay connected with the current research and development in the field of organisational behaviour.

If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will take care of itself”       Tony Hsieh

Systemic coaching in complex environments supports leadership in creating helpful conversations to build meaningful relationships, that engages employees to maximise information flow and optimise decision-making.


Leadership Culture

It is the way things are done; interactions, thoughts, decisions and behaviours that lead to business results. We assess the leadership practices in light of organisation strategy. We design customised interventions to address any negative impact from the current leadership practices. 

Workforce Engagement

We work with leaders to address the universal problem of employee engagement. The lack of dedication, commitment and motivation that continue to hinder gains in economic productivity and quality of life. 



Change & 

Change & Complexity

We provide critical solutions to our clients, who are experiencing a rate of change and complexity they have never experienced. Highlighting the leadership challenges associated with complexity and supporting leaders in bridging the gap in the mindset and skills needed for the new paradigm. 

Organisational Behaviour

We work with leaders to address issues of power, interpersonal communication, group structure and processes, attitude development and other organisational behaviours in group interventions format.



Our Solutions

We provide a complete suite of executive and organisational coaching solutions for individuals, teams and groups. Our solutions cover a full range of coaching services; transition, career, skills, performance, developmental and leadership skills. 

Our solutions are powered by cutting edge assessment tools, and profiling instruments proved to be the most accurate in the industry. We complement it with a robust feedback process which focuses on information gathering, sorting data for relevance and developmental impact and providing effective communication that can lead to optimal results.

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