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Coach Training

Senior executive experience of coaches can be a potent teacher in the practice of coaching. However, it is not a substitute for rigorous evidence-based professional development and supervised practice. Executive experience and knowledge are required to understand the task at hand. Professional coaching skills are required to structure and implement a course of action effectively. We believe that coaches need to understand the evidence base for any coach training, from basic foundational skills to more advanced conceptual and technical skills, as they grow their professional coaching practice.

“The great man is always the man of mighty effort, and usually the man whom grinding need has trained to mighty effort. “ Theodore Roosevelt

Our Approach

We pursue theoretically grounded, evidence-based approaches to executive and leadership coach training, an integrated multi-disciplinary approach that can make use of the wide range of theoretical perspectives that can form the foundations of evidence-based coaching practice.

Integrated Multi-disciplinary Approach

Our Expertise

Since 2002, we have been delivering coach training for executive coaches in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific. From our initial foundational skills training to our iconic ECDP (Executive Coach Development Program), and later our own nationally accredited Diploma of Executive Coaching for in Australia, and approved by ASQA, 2014-2019 (the Australian Skills Quality Authority).

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”
Albert Einstein

Our evidence-based, contemporary curriculum has been expertly designed by experienced practising executive coaches, psychologists and educators and is delivered by senior executives.

Our coach training focuses on driving change and transformation. Our postgraduate services supporting your learning life cycle and placing you amongst a pool of alumni and friends of ICG Leadership.

Manager Coach

Manager Coach

As an essential leadership skill, Manager as Coach develops the foundational micro-skills necessary for a new approach in driving performance conversations at the workplace, while maintaining a fine balance between coaching and management based on situation and context.

Internal Coach

As a valuable asset in the organisation, Internal Coach develops advanced coaching skills. The coaches will be equipped with macro coaching knowledge and skills to conduct coaching conversations that are productive and effective. They include the understanding of the different personality styles, learning approaches, selected coaching interventions and techniques.

Internal Coach

Executive Coach

Executive Coach

For a professional, Executive Coach provides an Evidence-Based Coach Development Program. It is based on the systematic use of cutting-edge theory and proven research from the behavioural sciences, linked to evolving coaching best practice. Ongoing development, supervision and pathways to academic qualifications.

Leadership Coach

Supporting strategy-level leaders, Leadership Coach Development Program provides an accurate understanding of the theory, applications and coaching interventions in the field of strategic leadership.

Leadership Coach

Our Solutions

We provide a complete suite of executive and organisational coach training solutions for individuals, teams and groups. Our solutions cover a full range of coach training solutions; transition, career, skills, performance, developmental and leadership coaching. 

Our solutions are powered by cutting edge assessment tools, and profiling instruments proved to be the most accurate in the industry. We complement it with a robust practice, continuous development and on going supervision, delivered by senior executives.

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