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Leadership Development

Leadership Development is not about developing leaders to demonstrate the specific leadership competencies of an organisation. In contrast, leadership development is the process of matching specific leadership competencies and trait to the context at hand, and the development path is experiential rather than curriculum-based; influencing leaders’ “being,” not just “doing” to develop the kind of leaders the world needs today to face challenges ranging from the next demanding phase of globalisation to disruptive technological change and continued macroeconomic uncertainty.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  John F. Kennedy                        

​Our Approach

Leadership development starts with the inner construction of the leader, or their capacity to tune into and regulate their emotional and mental states before they can hope to develop what they need to lead the organisation.
At ICG, we are not wedded to any particular leadership methodology or school of thinking. Instead, we build systemic ability to view disturbance in lived experiences as transformational, not dysfunctional. And, help the leader to notice both things in the environment and what’s going on inside the self, as the leader make conscious decisions about their behaviours, and switch to constructing self-directed experiences that replicate the precise contexts they need to lead.

Our Expertise

As a firm, we have more than 20 years of leadership development practice, we employ only proven research-based leadership assessment tools. Together with our mastery of development, best practices and extensive hands-on experience means that every assignment is grounded in an accurate understanding of the organisation leadership development needs.

We recruit highly credible senior leaders with significant life experience and business acumen. Our leadership coaches know what it is like to lead in turbulent environments. They are professional, results-driven and skilled at nurturing leadership change.

Our leadership coaches enhance their existing life skills and business expertise with in-depth, psychologically-based training, plus ongoing professional supervision. We draw on a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches that form our integrated multi-disciplinary approach. We take ownership of the supervision and ongoing professional development of our leadership coaches, and we stay connected with the current research and development of coaching literature and leadership theory.

There is no magic formula for developing leaders. Instead, organisations are required to develop an optimal criteria for potential leaders, and to provide learning experiences to build sustainable leadership capability through self-awareness, thought-provoking, perspective-taking capacity, managing change, system thinking, and complexity handling. The key factor in defining such criteria is the conversation taking place in the organisation”                                                 Wade Azmy



Strategic Leadership

Work through the complexity of critical issues, challenges and uncertainty to affect actions and develop strategies to identify and exploit opportunities in line with the leader’s vision.identify and exploit opportunities in line with the leader’s vision.

Operational Leadership

Build the structures and systems that allow the strategic leader(s) vision and objectives to be achieved while providing a framework to support the values of the organisation and its leadership and to encourage a culture and behaviour patterns that are congruent with these.




People Leadership

Develop the capacity to influence and motivate people to strive towards achieving organisation goals, provide guidance and clarity while maintaining people engagement and creative contribution.

Tactical Leadership

Develop a highly transactional capacity to deal with the here and now, balance the needs of team members with the needs of the mission or situation on hand.


Our Solutions

We provide a complete suite of leadership development solutions for individuals, teams and groups. Our solutions cover a full range of strategic, operational, people and safety leadership.

Our solutions are powered by cutting edge leadership assessment tools, and profiling instruments proved to be the most accurate in the industry. We complement it with a robust leadership feedback process which focuses on information gathering, sorting data for relevance and developmental impact and providing effective communication that can lead to optimal results.

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