Dr Luke Van der Laan

Strategic Leadership

Dr Luke Van der Laan

Dr Luke Van der Laan

Associate Professor

Luke van der Laan is an influential and internationally recognised leadership and strategy thinkers. He has worked with leading companies and large public entities across the Asia Pacific region. Van der Laan is a doctoral research Programme Director at the University of Southern Queensland and is the lead author of the breakthrough book Foresight and Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region (Springer). In this volume, van der Laan presents evidence suggesting that leaders are generally underequipped to effectively develop sound strategy and that the impact of this is leading to the systemic undermining business potential and organisational performance.  He presents models for enhancing the capabilities that contribute to effective strategy and building organizations that are “fit for the future.”

With a focus on strategic leadership and decision making, van der Laan has published widely and integrates foresight and strategic thinking in the development of futures intelligent capabilities. He has introduced a dynamic model of strategy formulation known as TripleV© measuring these capabilities with a view on developing the strategic leadership of C Suite and strategy-level leaders. To support and empower organisations he has developed tools and platforms that have helped leaders provide strong direction to organisations and position themselves in differentiated.

Van der Laan’s previous roles as a senior executive, trustee and board member has informed his current work with large corporations and public enterprises. This provides depth and practicality to his research-informed insights and ability to de-mystify foresight and strategic thinking in times of dramatic change. Highlights of this work include:

  • Futures intelligent leadership
  • Strategic ambidexterity
  • Advanced scenario development
  • Strategic Leadership, employee engagement and change management
  • Strategic Leadership behaviours
  • Strategic Leadership formulating short- and long-term strategy across levels
  • Strategic Leadership in crisis
  • Systems thinking and complexity
  • Succession and strategic leadership development

Van der Laan’s work inside organisations on enablers of innovation and creativity has coined the phrases “creativity theft” and “negative creativity” as identifiable causes for failing to innovate and develop meaningful responses to these often hidden obstacles.  His understanding of people as the deliverers of performance in terms of engagement and “Line of Sight” with strategy, is globally unique. His model of engagement has helped organisations place their leaders within reach and fully aligned with a futures orientation that inspires action.

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